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Gainesville Gymnastics

summer camps 2024

Summer Camp-A-Palooza

summer campa-a-palooza

Daily Needs:

Each day please have your child come dressed in clothes suitable to get messy. Also, please have your child in shoes that are easy for him or her to take on and off independently. You will receive an email the day before each camp starts with more specifics.

Half Day Needs:

Our half day campers will need a water bottle, and one peanut free snack each day.

Full Day Needs:

Full day campers will need to bring a water bottle, two peanut free snacks, and a peanut free lunch each day.

About Camp:

What’s a normal day of camp like? We start with a group game and group stretches. We divide our campers into groups according to age and we always try to keep buddies together. Following our group warm up game we start our rotations of craft, games, gymnastics and specials. Camp themes change daily!

• Drop off and pick up will be through a carpool line each day for campers.  • Low student to coach ratios

• Scheduled hand washing/sanitizing throughout the day • Scheduled sanitization of the gym.

• Please help us by only sending in what your child needs. All items should be clearly marked with your child's name.

• Remember the water fountains are closed so water bottles are a must.

Ages 3yr+

HALF DAY: 9:30-12:30pm

$44 daily per child

$189 Weekly Per Child

Ages 5yr +

Full Day: 9:30-2:30pm

$72 daily per child

$318 Weekly Per Child

$298 Weekly Per Sibling

  • discount for registering for the full week up front

  • can choose any day or days



For all boys and girls of all levels and Kindergarten and up! Gymnastics events vault, bars, beam and trampoline are taught during instruction periods. Coaches will emphasize fundamentals while mastering and learning new skills. Children will be divided into groups according to skill and age each day while at camp. The camp schedule will include gymnastics rotations, a snack break, and a special gymnastics themed activity each day. Campers will need to arrive dressed in proper attire, and will also need to bring a snack and water bottle each day. At the end of the week each camper will receive a progress report from their coaches. Registration for the entire week is required.

Camp Dates & Price:

June 17th-June 21st

July 22nd-July 26th

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

$229 per child

Kindergarten & Up

Princess Power Dance!


If your child is looking to build their tumbling skills for cheerleading, dance, or martial arts...this is the camp for you! If your child loves to tumble, but doesn't love the other equipment in gymnastics...this is the camp for you! Our focus will be on building strong basic skills and transferring those basics to more advanced skills as each athlete is ready. We will work on skills such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, and more. Campers will use the tumbl trak, as well as conditioning and drills to learn new skills!

June 17th-June 21st

July 22nd-July 26th

12:20pm - 2:30pm

$150 per child

Tumbling Camp
Ninja Camp



IMG_9545 (1).jpg
IMG_9525 (1).jpg
IMG_9569 (2).jpg


June 3rd-June 7th

July 8th-July 12th

9:30am - 2:30pm

Kindergarten & Up

$318 per child


Daily Needs:

Each day please have your child come dressed in clothes suitable to run, jump, and play. Also, all Ninja's are required to wear sneakers to camp each day! Your child will need to bring a lunch, snack and water bottle each day to camp. You will receive an email the weekend before each camp starts with more specifics for each week.


Drop Off/Pick Up Information:

Each kid will need to be signed in and out everyday, we ask that you help us with physical distancing by limiting to one adult per family in the building. At drop off,  please let us know of any allergies we need to be aware of.


When picking up, if someone other than mom or dad is picking up we will need a “Pick Up Authorization Form” filled out and signed by a parent of the child. Everyone will need to show ID when picking up campers.


Advanced sign up and payment is required.


Must sign up for all days of camp, no single day enrollments.

IMG_9601 (1).jpg

Come twist, climb, run and fly through obstacles and across the gym in Ninja camps! You won't want to miss a day of these week long fun adventures! Each day will be jam packed with the ninja obstacles you could only dream of!

Dance Camp
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